Eating Food In Season

It’s not hard to see how little our society eats what is in season. This is something our ancestors were great at. These days, though, we live in an environment that is climate controlled with heating and air-conditioning in our homes and cars. Our bodies no longer have the ability to stay in sync with the natural changing seasons. Instead, we depend on artificial means to stay cool or warm. This is causing our entire culture to be out of sync with the natural environment around us, both externally and internally. This post is brought to you by our sponsor Athens Moving Company!

With this, we continue to lose touch with foods that are in season. Some of these foods include green vegetables that grow abundantly in the summer time, along with other foods that are naturally cooling such as watermelons. During the heat of summer, these foods are good for helping us to cool down. During the winter, root vegetables are great for adding to roasts and soups as a way to help us stay warm. Even our animals bodies are in sync with the seasons. For instance, a chicken will lay most of their eggs during the spring and summer. This gives their body a chance to rest during the winter. Not only that, but it is healthier for us to eat the eggs during those months that it is during the winter months.

The best produce I have ever eaten has been grown in season. These also tend to be the freshest and cheapest. Buying from your local farmers market is a good option if you are unable to grow enough on your own. There are also many co-ops that offer local organic produce. Try to buy as much as you can that is produced in your own local area.

Of course, it is best if you are able to grow your own produce in an organic garden. That way, you can take your food straight from the garden to your table. For me, when I am out in the garden, I think more of the food ends up in my mouth as a snack than it does to my table.